When someone submit the form to the form's endpoint, it will appear in the submission box in Descending Order (Latest to Oldest), as the time indicated on the right side of each submission.

You can then click on each submission to expand the Tab and see all the input fields name and their respective input data from your forms. In this example, I'm showing you the data collected from the Early Access form.

As you can see, we have the data of email, username and reference in the submission. So, remember to setup your form properly as mentioned in the previous Form Setup.


Maximum input fields is set to 100. I believe nobody will make their form super duper long either, but just in case.

We currently does not support File Upload, because hosting tons of files will incur a huge cost, but if you are interested, please submit your feature request at this link

I believe at this point, you are good to explore the Application on your own, next we will be going through some Form Settings.