Supaform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) where it is designed to SupaCharge your form in your website to capture every form submission without needing any server or database.

We provide a fresh breathe of life into your form, where we collect unlimited form submission, then filtering out any spam/suspicious submission, notify you via email, and you can take action from there. This allows you to spin up our website and collect form quickly and focus what is important to you, rather than wasting time and resources to spin up a Server & Database.

And most importantly, We love Data Freedom, thus we do not lock your collected data behind any paywall. And if you want, you can export all your data as CSV.


  • Early Access Form for your Product Landing Page (like what we are doing).
  • Contact Form on your Static Site Website.
  • Subscribe to your E-mail Campaign.
  • Collect whatever information you want.

So, what you are waiting for? Simply click the next page to Get Started.