Form Setup

Once you login to the Dashboard, you can create a new form by clicking 'Create form' button and input the Form Name. Remember to make this form name easily distinguishable so that you won't confused with other forms.

Our suggestions is to label in terms of { Website } - { which form }. Eg:

  • Supaform - Early Access
  • Supaform - Support Form
  • My Portfolio - Contact Form

Of course, you can use whatever the name you want, be creative? or be consistent?

Then, click the newly created form to proceed with the configurations.

On the top right, you can see the 'Copy link' button to copy and paste it into the action attribute for your form, or if you wish to use Javascript fetch API, you can refer to the example below.

There's a few things to take note when setting up the form, you need to ensure each input has it's name attribute in it. This will provide us the information on how to label every input field in the form submission. Also, make sure that the method attribute is set as POST request.

All Set!

Now that you have set the correct Supaform endpoint at your form, you can launch your website to begin Unlimited form collection

Check out the next step to learn more about Form Submission