Form Settings

Each form has it's own settings, meaning that the settings is independent from other form you have. Quickly navigate to the Settings Tab in your form, and you will see we offers a lot of configurations.

Let me explain what each of the settings do:

  • Form Name: This allow you to change the form name if you accidentally named it too weird or incorrectly.

  • Redirect Url: Default redirection after form submission is to Supaform's Success Page, but you can modify it to your desired landing page after the form submission.

  • Honeypot Name This is the name attributes in your form input that is set to prevent bot submission. Default is set to 'h_email'. Check out Honeypot for more information.

  • Google Recaptcha v2 Famous bot/spam prevention measure to secure your form. This field should be your Recaptcha Secret Key. Check out Google Recaptcha for more information.

  • Email Notification Toggle on/off email notification.

You can check out more details about ...